So I’m trying a new project. I’ve been reading about habits and so forth; and recently one tidbit popped into my consciousness. In The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg recounts how some people have transformed their lives. And so I thought – yeah I could do with some of that.

So I guess I’m in search of my keystone habit – the one habit that if I focus on, I can get someway to deal with all the other habits that I want discard and adopt. And I guess that would be writing; to research and write regularly

I want to and need to write more. I already read, by His Grace, but what I don’t do is write. And with deadlines fast approaching I can’t afford to stay as I am.

So what will motivate me? Well, many things. But I’m hoping that a public way of excoriating myself will get some way in forcing myself to get there. But as well as that, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to celebrate some achievements, feel some personal satisfaction as I mark some progress off. Even if its only to me out here in the wilderness.

So here goes nothing – wish me luck.

Current projects:
David Miller – a chapter on body of work circa 8000 k. About 3k so far.
Something on Hallaq’s The Impossible State – mere scribbles.