‘Miss is that your phone going off?’

‘No, it’s not.’

‘Miss I think it is.’ The class giggled.

Embarrassed the teacher takes her phone out. She looks at it.

‘Miss, are you ok?’

‘What’s the matter?’


‘I’m sorry girls – I have to take this.’ She rushes out of class.

‘Did you see her face? I wonder if she’s okay.’

‘She probably found that her internet connection didn’t come through or somethin’?’

‘Shush – it looks like bad news.’

‘Who you telling to shush?’

‘It did look like bad news.’

‘But that’s what I am saying – if don’t get my weekly netflix fix that is bad news!’

‘What’s going on outside?’

Half the class moves to see through the door window.

Ms Fisher comes in looking for miss’ coat and bag and takes them outside.

She returns. ‘Why are you all standing up? Sit down!’

‘Whats up with her?’

The Headteacher Mr Walker opens the door. ‘Where is miss?’

‘She’s not here. It’s okay, I’m here for the moment sir.’

He pauses. ‘Are youokay, Miss?’

She nods.

‘Miss why are you here?’

‘- Yeah, what’s happened?’

‘I’m doing cover today.’ She looks down. ‘Girls, just get on with your work.’